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''not available'' on caller ID ....
Called home phone. Told her name Regina Robinson , debt collector. Pretends she is a debt collector and wants to find out anything...
Received call from this #, don't know anyone with this #
on April 19 at 1:11 p.m. my cell phone rang since i did not recognize the phone number, (the number is 561-807-2239) and since the...
This is a telemarketing call from Select Quote. Stupid people. They refuse to leave info on a voice mail and just call back...
We need to speak to you about your account
I need to find out whos number this is.
mr kabiza michel
First call about 8 weeks ago. Identified as 53 bank. since then i receive at 2-3 phone calls a day. If i answer they hang up. ...
I have received 2 calls a day for several weeks now. No message left.
A message is left , but it is a bit hard to undertand. It is a woman's voice, and she is referring to some kind of offer...
Came across on caller ID as "Toll free. 1-800-627-8372. Did not pick up and they did not leave a message. I do not pick up...
Someone called wanting the resident yet refuses to identify themselves. They refused to say what the call is about and then gets...
I've been trying to call this number back but the line is always busy
I received a call from this 877- 662- 5128 known as USTB or USB. I was told to call a different number to a collection agency @...
Someone call me from this number
I dont know that number on my account

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no message because i will NOT answer where ever I am!!!!!!
I cannot contact a live rep. I need to change my pin #. I cannot get anyone live on the phone
The fan in the main receiver has stoped working cauing it to overheat and shut off
Repeated phone calls daily soliciting. No matter how many times we have requested that they no longer call we still receive the...
They left a message saying that I was eligible for a loan for $15,000 or more
I was supposed to receive my paycheck from Jackson Hewitt about two weeks ago today and I've never received the direct...
I received a call from this number today. Woman asked for my husband. When told he was not available she hung up on me. Tried...
They not telling me my right balance ma card keep saying -23.00
Don't know who this caller is they called 1 time
Keeps calling my number
called me saying the would pay my light bill
Trying to find out who this company is?
ISIS North American Recruiting Offices 135 Interstate Blvd. Ste 6, Greenville, SC 29615
I had 2 missed calls from 0114497000 this morning at 10 :09 and at 10:10
Calls from this number several times a day on my cell, which I do not use. no messages .
I get 2 calls daily 12 hours apart. No one ever on the line